Training course: Media literacy 360°


Factchecking for youth leaders and other young people who are interested in the impact of social media.

Young people who often post information on social media, organize events or participate in social movements influence their surroundings. So it is important that they understand how to analyse and share information properly.

By increasing media literacy, participants will be able to develop these skills in the future and pass on their knowledge and skills in working with young people.

Our training course is about improving your media literacy

You will learn the basics of fact-checking: How can you distinguish truthful information from manipulation and unreliable sources? Learn to think more critically and be a responsible media user.

We will get to know tools for critically evaluating information and find out how to distinguish facts from opinions.

The program includes many interactive tasks, practical exercises and lively discussions.

Who can take part?

Youth leaders and other young people aged 18 and above living in Ukraine and Germany who want to improve their knowledge and skills in media literacy in the modern world. The course is especially for young people who are very active on social media.

Participation requires that you have good spoken English skills.

The Venue

Bremen is a little city state located in northern Germany. It is famous for the tale of the Bremen musicians and the historical city center.

You will stay at the youth educational center LidiceHaus in rooms for 2 people. Each room has its own bathroom. Bed linen and towels will be provided by the house.

The house is surrounded by nature - between a bathing lake and the river Weser, where you can also swim. To reach the city center of Bremen, it takes a longer walk (about 35 minutes). You can also walk to Café Sand (10 minutes) and take the ferry to reach „The Viertel“, where you find many bars, restaurants, shops and culture.


The participation fee is 40 EUR.

For participants who cannot afford this amount, we offer a reduced fee of 20 EUR.

The seminar includes an 9-day program with full board and accommodation. Arrival and departure days are included.

The travel costs will be reimbursed during or after the training course up to the lump sums of the Erasmus+ programme (100-499 km = max. 180 EUR or 210 EUR for green/non-airplane travel; 500-1999 km = max. 275 EUR or 320 EUR for green/non-airplane travel). Check this calculator to find out about the distance between your place of residence and the city of Bremen.

Come and join us

We look forward to receiving your application if...

  • … you agree that social media is an essential part of modern life
  • … you are exited to learn about media and how it impacts young people, especially those who use social media
  • … you have any experience working with young people in non-formal learning or settings, specifically focusing on media literacy (would be nice, but is not a must)

Please use our registration form (Registration deadline: 25th of June)

If you have further questions, please contact:

Anna Neshcheret (Tolerance in You)
Mail | +38 096 349 31 62


Training course: Media literacy 360°

Factchecking for youth leaders and other young people who are interested in the impact of social media

Dates: 22nd of July (arrive)- 1st of August (departure)
Location: LidiceHaus in Bremen
Registration deadline: 25th of June

The training course is organized by Tolerance in You, ServiceBureau Jugendinfomation and Jugendbildungsstätte LidiceHaus. It is co-funded by the European Union.